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Acrylic and oil

I started painting with oil, but quickly switched to acrylic. Did not quite have the patience to wait for it to dry before I could paint over. Now the plan is to try a little on oil again, especially on portraits to make nice and soft transitions in colors. The advantage of acrylic and oil in relation to watercolor is that I can paint over and correct if I am not completely satisfied. The downside is that I never finish poking. Then it's okay to take some sessions with watercolor, where I do not have the opportunity for the same degree of tingling, it helps me to get on with the acrylic pictures too.


It is largely mood and motif that decide whether the technique should be acrylic or watercolor. But, a few years ago, I discovered to my great delight that there is something called liquid acrylic and acrylic ink. With these products I can paint something that in technique becomes a middle ground between watercolor and acrylic. I can bring out the light and flow from the watercolor, and at the same time paint the motif like an acrylic. I look forward to continuing to experiment with this.

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