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Linoleum printing is a laborious, time-consuming and tiring technique. But, it is incredibly fun and rewarding at the same time. The first challenge is to find a motive that can be suitable for this technique. Then I make sketches and try my hand at simplifying the motif. When I am happy, it should be drawn on the linoleum board, and then the hard work of cutting away what is to get rid of the sheet begins. Here I have to think "negative", what I cut away is what should not show in the print. When I finish that job, it's the first round of printing on all the papers I'll have. I have to decide the number now, because after this first printing, I will cut away more from the linoleum board. What I do now is cut away everything other than what should be black on the finished print. Finally comes the fun part of the job where I reprint the same papers, and the motif emerges. When I come to this part of the job, I feel that it was worth all the effort in the process.

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